January 29, 2020

Astrology Alert! Mercury Turns Retrograde On Thanksgiving Day

How will retrograde Mercury affect your astrology for the next 20 days starting Thanksgiving Day?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a big ball of聽chaos and miscommunication if you plan well. 馃檪

Here are the biggies to watch out for:
Don’t sign any contacts or agreements. Don’t purchase anything mechanical. Don’t initiate any new travel plans. Don’t engage in any significant communications by phone. Don’t mail anything. Don’t order anything by mail, UPS, or Fed Ex. No, you can’t stay in bed for 20 days. 馃檪

And no, don’t pull your hair out thinking about this either. 馃檪 聽I can almost hear you screaming now. Don’t worry or get all paranoid about Mercury moving backward again… it only does this 3 or 4 times each year for 2 to 3 weeks at a time anyway. You can handle that, I know you can.

Here is what you can do to make it an easier time:

Try not to allow petty annoyances to get to you…exercise patience. Make sure you keep duplicates of all paperwork. Backup all of the files you create. Double-check everything you have to sign.聽 Shop for聽all of your Christmas gifts before November 24th or after December 13th… and mail them before or after the given dates.

How to make the Mercury retrograde be a productive, healing time:

Use this 20 day period to finish projects that you started and then put聽on the back-burner. This can be the perfect time to complete them. Also, any communication that got mixed up during the last Mercury retrograde can be pulled out of the silence or off the shelf or where ever聽they ended up… and can be sorted out and worked through in a meaningful, peaceful way now…in the light of day.聽 Then cross them off your list. Whew! I know you will feel so much better.

The good news is that聽this will聽 only last for 20 days. 馃檪 So when you are working on clearing up the confusion from your last bout聽with Mercury retrograde… have a sense of gratitude in knowing that you have been given the opportunity to make things right and really connect and convey your messages with a happy heart and clear mind聽so that you can banish miscommunication.

To your clarity,


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